General Information

Here you can find general information about the BlogSmith Admin interface.

You can reach the BlogSmith Admin interface at Log in using your E-Mail address and password and you will get to your dashboard.


On the dashboard, you can find relevant information about your site, like how many visitors you had, where they came from, and what they searched for.

Overview pages

When you click on "Posts", "Categories" or "Pages" in the sidebar, you get to the respective overview pages, where a list of all of your posts, categories, or pages are located. When you click on a row, you get to the editor where you can edit the element or delete it. You can also create new elements by clicking on the "New" button above the table. One thing that stands out is when you go to the "Pages" overview, you can reorder your menu by dragging the rows. To save your desired order, click the "Save reordering" button at the bottom of the table (see screenshot above).


In the settings, you can change the look & feel of your site by modifying the logo, theme, colors, domain, and more. In addition, you can up & downgrade your plan here.


Here you can change your profile settings. Some of this information will be displayed on your posts pages depending on what theme you use.


The editor is where you can create & edit your categories, posts, and pages. The appearance will be changed depending on what context you're working on, but mainly you have to input the name, slug, and content of what you would like to create. The slug is the URL part of the content, like for pages when you enter the slug "top", the page will be available via "". You can also change the status to "Unpublished" if you wish to keep the element invisible to your visitors for the moment and work on it without pressure.

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